You’ll find all the techniques you’d expect in our toolbox – and perhaps some you wouldn’t. 

If you really want it, there’s a summary here +



  • group discussions
  • solos, duos, trios
  • workshops
  • megagroups…
  • …you name it, we’ve probably done it


  • communities, from a few days’ task-focused to extended strategic role
  • immersive research
  • ethnographies


  • mixed methodology diaries/journaling
  • consumer closeness
  • self-ethnographies

Construction Crew

  • a bank of creative trained brains, guaranteed to add impetus to your thinking

Dialogue Teams

  • our signature dish: interactive teams of client, agency, selected consumers, maybe outside experts to spark innovation and fast-track development.

We are method-neutral: we don’t sell a specific technique or process. Instead, we promise to work with you and your customers to achieve the strongest solution possible.

This requires a deep understanding of people and brands. Real conversations. Large dollops of experience, expertise and attitude. And energy.


(Lots of energy.)


We are collaborators, by nature and choice – with clients, consumers and other experts. It’s enjoyable and it makes us smarter.